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Our Mindful Manifesto

Nature is our stakeholder

Mother Earth is our inspiration, our muse, our color palette. We use chemical free plant & flower dyes to celebrate nature & make sure our products do not harm the land & water that has given birth to them.

Handmade by Heroes

We love slow fashion. Every garment is handcrafted by many talented artisans of India. We thank them with ethical trade.

Gratitude and Goodwill

Gratitude for people and planet. Goodwill to create true beauty and abundance.

This is our “Ikigai”




After having spent 15 years working for big fashion brands in Europe, I decided to move back home to Auroville, India in 2017. With my love for sustainable fashion and craftsmanship I revisited many textile towns & villages in south India. The ancient crafts were moving towards extinction and the land and rivers were filled with toxic chemical waste from the fashion industry. From this experience came the need, the inspiration to create a brand with Nature as a stakeholder & to celebrate artisans that are the custodians of plant & flower-based dyeing.

In 2020 Hibiscus Heroes was born. Thank you for supporting sustainable fashion. It makes a difference to many wonderful people and one magnificent planet.

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